10-Second Cut With Killer Hand Skills (2023)

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Nonton Film 10-Second Cut With Killer Hand Skills (2023) subtitle Indonesia. Streaming online dan download film sub indo kualitas BluRay 720p gambar lebih jernih dan tajam.

Synopsis :
An erotic film about men improving their relationships with their wives through therapy. Ji-hoon, who is a loving husband, is always worried due to his premature ejaculation. He can only last for 10 seconds after insertion, so he just keeps caressing his wife for a long time, as he always feels afraid that he will finish quickly. At her wife’s urging, he began consulting with a psychiatrist. When Tae-woo, another patient with a similar problem whom he met at the hospital, discovers his illness, the two become true friends who share each other’s pain.

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Genre: Semi Korea
Duration: 64 Min

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